About Kate and Hanna, the owners of Hosted By, a wedding planning duo in the PNW and beyond.
Kate Storaci is the co-owner of hosted by, a wedding planner in Portland, Oregon.

" always looking for an opportunity to celebrate, create beautiful things, and cultivate hospitality. in pursuit of these passions I studied and worked in the therapeutic recreation field. working as a facilitator of recreation encouraged my passions, but also involved a majority of my time spent working in an office, program planning, and doing paperwork; things that do not spark joy. after a time spent living in the midwest with my husband, we had the opportunity to return home to portland. during this transition time, i was able to evaluate what my passions were and where they could be best utilized, i kept coming back to the same vision. as a result, hanna and I circled back to the business we had always dreamed of starting together, and finally the timing was right. our friendship began from a shared love of making others feel celebrated, and now through that same passion comes hosted by. "

Neither of us would have thought we would meet, what would turn out to be, a life-long friend at a cheesy ice-cream social on the first day of college. But, here we are.

our mutual love of crashing weddings, bringing community together + celebrating people in big ways was got us to where we are today + is what sparked the dream that is now hosted by.

We dreamt of getting to create beautiful spaces for people to gather, laugh, eat good food, drink good wine + celebrate well.  And We dreamt of the day we'd get to do this full-time, rather than just as favors to friends.  

How sweet to see this dream come to fruition, where we get to walk alongside couples in the crazy season that is wedding planning. we hope that when your day comes to fruition, you can take a moment to look around the room + to see the people that are rooting for you. Don't worry, we'll make sure the dessert trays are full + the DJ sticks to the approved track list.

together, we'll dream UP something beautiful + after that it'll be hosted by, us.  xoxo



Hanna Wilson is the co-owner of hosted by, a wedding planner in Portland, Oregon.

" i felt like i finally found a way to apply my creativity, while making a living when i stumbled into a graphic design course. while i had found a creative field that was a perfect fit, a design internship showed me how much i loathed sitting in front of a screen all day. while i was jazzed that i (finallllllly) graduated, i was met with a hard reality that I didn't like all that being a designer held. amidst this uncertainty, kate called + the conversation was not the first of its kind. she proposed that we make our 'someday' dream a reality. SO we both packed up and moved to the same place. no seriously, we are roommates again (with our husbands who were also roommates when we met) + are giving this thing everything we've got. "