Boho Baby Shower at the Now Now in Spokane, WA

this has always felt like a natural outpour of our biggest desire-- to serve people + make people feel celebrated. it's the reason we stumbled into this profession.

for seven years n0w ( the entirety of our friendship ), birthday parties + our friends engagements have always been extravagant. it didn't take long for people to clue into asking for our help in this department. we'll never forget the first engagement we were asked to help with. our friend came to us + told us that he was thinking of creating a living room set-up... in the back of a u-haul. we couldn't help but step in.

at the time, boutique rentals weren't much of a thing yet + definitely not on a freshman-in-college-budget. but there was no way we were going to let a proposal happen in a moving truck. so we got creative + went to our favorite vintage furniture store. we walked around noting what pieces we would want + just asked the gal working if we could borrow these pieces. seriously no idea how we got away with this, but she said YES. honestly, we were so shocked we kinda started to talk her our of it, "are you sure?" "just going to let a couple of college students take these?". she didn't even ask for some sort of collateral or a credit card number or anything! all she asked was when we would want to snag them + when we could have them back! we put together this amazing set-up on top of a cliff with an amazing view of the city + we can't help but believe we had some thing to do with her saying yes.

many friends equals many opportunities to celebrate, but this celebration (pictured below) was the first we got to plan as an established business duo. it is such a special thing now as business owners, to get to celebrate the people closest to us-- friends who have gotten engaged, married + are now starting to have kids. we feel so honored to get to walk along side people stepping into new seasons of life, but it is crazy sweet when it is people you are walking alongside of for life, through many season, especially in these joyful times.

these two cuties have since welcomed baby León.

let us tell you, he's the cutest little bundle + is loved by many, including the people that gathered around this table.

photography | Kat Skye Photography

venue | The NOW NOW

event planning + styling | Hosted By Kate + Hanna