Planning a Wedding as Unique As Your Love Story

there is such a steep learning curve when it comes to planning a wedding. i mean, it's something you do once + yet, you almost have to become an expert! you're being asked questions about things that you've never really thought about + kind of hope you'll never really have to think about again. + while you definitely have some opinions on things that you have liked from weddings you've been to in the past, you've definitely never thought about who all is going to walk down the aisle on your big day.

often times, this is where we come in. amidst the questions + decisions, couples reach out to us for clarity, asking, " well, what's normal?"

if we are being honest, we are over "normal" when it comes to weddings. because in the love department, no love story is "normal", so why should your celebration be?!

whether you choose to be surrounded by the people that have rooted you on to get to where you are today, or opt to be holding hands with your boo at the top of a mountain committing to forever, you + your person have a unique story that should be told in a way that is so representative of yourselves. THAT is what we believe a wedding should be.

yes it is our job to be well versed in the tradition of wedding ceremonies + to be able to advise accordingly, but "normal"/ what you've seen before might not be right for you! we would never encourage you to do something that you don't care about or want to do. you don't need to throw a garter (we will definitely support + encourage you ditch this one), you don't have to have a bridal party, you don't have to have your parents walk down the aisle, you don't have to limit your speeches to maid-of-honor + best man. but you CAN, if you want to.

your relationship is unique + the way you choose to commit to one another is too. so let's ditch the norm + create celebrations that will make you look back + say "that was my favorite party ever"!

Check out all the amazing things these vendors create:

photography: Beck Bee Photography

design + styling: Hosted By

venue: @urbanitepdx

florals: @revelpetals

gown / veil: @aandbe_portland

stationary: @theletteringbeeco

ceramics: @beanpole_pottery

cake: @cakebysarahhanns


ribbon: @nettle_and_silk