Hosted By Kate + Hanna

when reflecting on the journey it's been to get to the point where we launched our business, we both would have told you it was the fast-track friendship stemming from sharing a room for three years in college. the $200 price tag was just too good to pass up, ya know? but our friendship + our love for weddings actually stemmed from our first official hang out. short of things to do in our small college town, we drove to the nearby city + decided to crash a wedding. for years we kept a dress and a pair of heels in the trunk of our cars, because you never knew when you would see a "wedding this way" sign. we both will never forget the intimate wedding on family property where the bride looked everyone in the eye while walking down the aisle.

seven years later, we are roommates again so clearly it went well the first time around. those close quarters really just allowed us to grow a friendship based on bringing community together, celebrating people in big ways + rallying people to go along with our crazy ideas. although no one ever got on board with the wedding crashing thing.

over time, the celebrations we hosted became more and more elaborate + we became go-to friends to assist in engagement surprises + all things wedding. in the little walls of apt. 2812, we began to dream of what it would look like to do this for a living-- creating beautiful spaces for people to gather, laugh, eat good food, drink good wine + celebrate well.

we both fell in love with our majors, so post-grad kate went on to practice recreational therapy + I gave the whole graphic design firm thing a shot. now in different cities, our dream seemed more far off. multiple times we recall one of us calling the other to say, "okay, but now could be the time, you just need to move." months would pass + this would happen again. now, over a year ago, kate called me + we had a very familiar conversation. this time it was different. kate, having just moved back from michigan with her husband, persuasively said, "you guys are looking to move. why not here? let's make this thing happen." so that's exactly what we did. above is some proof of that!

photography | Kat Skye Photography (she's an angel)

venue | The NOW NOW